Initiation. Integration. Management. Knowledge Transfer


Initiation. Integration. Management. Knowledge Transfer

Orca Group provides a comprehensive range of tailored services that include project initiation, integration, management and knowledge, helping projects from concept to  completion.

Project Initiation

With a keen eye for opportunity, a global network of experts, flexible business models and a team of professionals who know and understand local authorities, regulations and culture - Orca will get your project off the ground.

  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Feasibility study
  • Project planning & design
  • Financial analysis & budgeting

Project Integration & Management

By looking at the macro while dealing with the micro, Orca is able to execute and manage projects on time, within budget and, most importantly, in sync with your vision. By integrating the right experts, work teams, equipment and services, we ensure that the various elements come together seamlessly, while our hands-on management team ensures a smooth work process. We have access to the latest and most innovative technologies, so we can identify and enable easy integration of technologies that will advance your project.

  • Project execution
  • Technology integration
  • Resource management
  • Monitoring & control
  • Operation maintenance

Knowledge Transfer

The goal of Orca’s local and global teams is to watch our projects continue to grow and flourish over the years, long after our direct involvement has ended. That's why we carry out a thorough handover phase, accompanied by all necessary training and knowledge transfer, so you have the reassurance of our ongoing support and commitment.

  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • Training